Update: SB1159 – COVID19-Positive Employer Reporting

San Diego, CA, October 5, 2020 – On September 17th the governor of the State of California signed Senate Bill 1159 into law, requiring employers to report any instance of an employee testing positive for COVID-19 – regardless of the employee making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Atlas’s workers’ compensation claims administrator, Sedgwick, has implemented a solution to streamline Atlas policyholder’s compliance with these mandated reporting requirements.

Employers may report instances of positive COVID-19 tests online at: https://intake.sedgwick.com/u/outbreak/positiveresult. This requires a unique access code, which Sedgwick has communicated to each Atlas policyholder via email. Policyholders may also retrieve their access code by contacting the Atlas service team at Sedgwick at or (866) 738-9201. The Atlas Team at Sedgwick is also available to policyholders with questions regarding the reporting process or requirements.

This reporting collects the following information:

  • Name of the employer contact submitting the record
  • Email address of the employer contact submitting the record
  • Date employer had knowledge of the reported positive test
  • Date this record was reported to Sedgwick
  • Date the positive COVID-19 test occurred
  • Each specific employment location the COVID19-positive employee worked in the 14 days prior to the positive test date:
    • Location name
    • Location address
    • Highest employee attendance in the 45 days prior to the positive COVID-19 test

For employees that test positive for COVID-19 between 7/6/20 – 9/17/20, employers are required to report this information by 10/29/20. For employees that test positive for COVID-19 subsequent to 9/17/20, employers are required to report this information within three (3) business days of knowledge of the positive test. For the purpose of this reporting, no personally identifiable information regarding the COVID19-positive employee shall be reported or collected.

This reporting is entirely separate and distinct from reporting of a workers’ compensation claim to Sedgwick. If an employee indicates or alleges that COVID-19 was contracted in the course of their employment, the employer must provide a DWC-1 claim form to the employee and report this claim to Sedgwick via one of the following reporting channels:

In the event you are unable to secure your access code and complete the reporting online, you may download a manual reporting form. The completed form can be emailed to to complete this mandatory process.

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