Titan Claims Management brings together superior claims administration, managed care, and ancillary service providers to create a nationwide “Best in Class” claims management solution for the workers’ compensation program insurance space. Titan provides close oversight of all claim management components to drive optimal program loss performance.

Titan does not simply bring service organizations together in a loose conglomeration, but integrates the operations of these services through a combination of comprehensive instructions, aggressive performance standards, and claim information access. This approach creates resource efficiencies that enable better claim-level decisions – leading to improved claim outcomes. Over this structure, Titan conducts intense oversight of the entire claim handling process managed by a staff of experienced professionals.

Chief Actuarial Officer

Tomer Eilam

Tomer Eilam is responsible for Atlas’ actuarial analytics, and for helping to identify and research profitable growth opportunities for our carrier partners. Eilam is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and has focused most of his career on California Workers’ Compensation insurance. Prior to joining Atlas, Eilam was Principal of Omega Actuarial Analytics, where he provided actuarial consulting to insurance, research and insurtech companies. He has also held senior positions with Preferred Employers Insurance Company, a subsidiary of W.R. Berkley Corporation, and Arrowhead General Insurance Agency and has served on the Actuarial Committee of the California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau.

Executive Vice President of Titan Claims Management

Lynda Stettler

Lynda is charged with managing all aspects of the claims process and management of fulfillment and execution of our managed care vendors. Lynda is also intimately involved with our chosen SIU and Fraud detection program and recognizing all facets of subrogation planning.

Lynda has over twenty years of experience in the insurance claims space. Prior to joining Titan, Lynda served as Assistant Vice President of Claims for Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies where she managed the San Diego claims office of over 110 staff members. As Assistant Vice President of Claims for American Commercial Claims Administrators, Lynda guided the claims department through the acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway. Prior to that, Lynda worked as an investigator in the Special Investigation Unit for Liberty Mutual/Golden Eagle Insurance, where she was responsible for over 50 claim, premium and medical-related fraud arrests.

Lynda has participated in many insurance industry forums and currently serves on the Vice President of Sponsorship for Kids’ Chance of California, which is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to the children of fatally or catastrophically California injured workers.

Vice President of Operations of Titan Claims Management

Patrick Williams

Patrick is responsible for all non-technical claims operations, revenue management, financial accounting and contractual compliance – as well as primary responsibility for all managed care oversight functions and ancillary service vendor relationships. Patrick works with Titan’s service partner entities to ensure technical compliance and qualitative performance, and his extensive experience in program design and implementation is leveraged to achieve efficient and cost-effective operational results for Titan’s clients.

Patrick has over 20 year of experience in both the workers’ compensation claims and managed care arenas, including extensive experience in the implementation, management, and regulatory oversight of medical cost containment programs. Before joining Titan, Patrick held executive leadership positions in the managed care space with Tristar Risk Management and Patriot Risk Services. Prior to that, Patrick served as Director of Managed Care for Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies where he successfully transitioned the organization’s core managed care programs to an in-sourced service-oriented model. Patrick is a graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration/finance.

Director of Claims of Titan Claims Management

Jacqueline Wilder

Jacqueline is responsible for technical claims oversight activities, qualitative improvement, claims auditing., litigation management and broker/policyholder service. Jacqueline’s expertise in large loss reserving, claim investigation and litigation management support her analysis and audit of claim files to ensure expeditious and economical resolutions.

Prior to joining Titan, Jacqueline was a Senior Claim Representative at AIG. As a dedicated adjuster on large accounts, Jacqueline handled complex claims for owner-controlled insurance policies (OCIPs), seasonal farm labor contractors, and addiction rehabilitation facilities. Jacqueline is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Operations Research.

Clinical Director of Titan Claims Management

Kelsey Diemer

Kelsey is responsible for the clinical components of Titan’s claim oversight program. This includes working closely with the administrator on medically complex or catastrophic claims, as well as technical oversight and quality assurance auditing of telephonic case management, field case management, utilization review, and pharmacy management services rendered on the Atlas claims program. Kelsey’s expertise and experience in the fields of clinical nursing and case management enable her to analyze the quality and effectiveness of clinical claims services and provide assistance and recommendations to the clinical staff to ensure cost-effective and quality medical care and optimal claim outcomes.

Kelsey is a graduate of Arizona State University with a baccalaureate degree in the Science of Nursing. She is a board-certified registered nurse in 26 U.S. states, and has earned the professional Certified Case Manager credential from the Commission for Case Manager Certification.

In addition to oversight of the entire claims administrative process, Titan utilizes analytics and customized ancillary services to drive outcomes at the claim level. This includes:

  • Predictive analytics to identify and intervene on claims likely to become litigated
  • An aggressive return-to-work program to minimize indemnity loss, including an innovative temporary non-profit work assignment option
  • Broad use of case management to ensure appropriate and timely provision of care, with nurses domiciled within the claims team to facilitate adjuster collaboration
  • A comprehensive SIU program focused on provider and claimant fraud prevention and prosecution
  • An intensely curated panel of litigation firms focused on early claim resolutions


Titan Claims Management provides claims oversight, managed care and fraud prevention services for the following carriers:

  • Falls Lake Fire and Casualty
  • Falls Lake National Insurance Company (policy prefix FNA).
  • Rockingham Group – For Policies with Prefix R.
  • StarStone National Insurance Company – For policies with Prefix T2.
  • The Republic Group – For policies effective 3/1/12 forward including Republic Underwriters Insurance Company (policy prefix ATW), Republic Lloyds (policy prefix ARL), Republic Fire & Casualty Insurance Company (policy prefix AFC), and Southern Insurance Company (policy prefix ASI). For policies effective 2/28/12 and prior, claims are handled by AmTrust.