How To Detect Fraud

Atlas General Insurance Services has partnered with Titan Claims Management to offer fraud investigations through their dedicated special investigation units. Titan can provide tenured staff to conduct AOE/COE investigations including taking statements, photographs and record research to determine compensability and potential subrogation within the early stages of a claim. Each investigation is completed with thorough claim reports which include red flag and SIU recommendations. When an articulable suspicion of potential fraud exists, our surveillance team can determine the activity level of the claimant and capture video evidence of physical movement inconsistent with their alleged injuries. Pro-grade digital video equipment is used to document and archive evidence. Our investigators routinely testify at the WCAB and the Federal Courts. They are able to handle tough cross-examination and professionally interface with attorneys and physicians during trial or deposition.

Titan only utilizes skilled investigators and doesn’t bill for miscellaneous fees. We subscribe to a proactive Special Investigations Unit (SIU) management strategy that has been proven to effectively lower overall claims cost exposure. Having a comprehensive SIU strategy on the front end of claims can effectively reduce PD, TTD, medical costs, etc., while helping the injured employee return to work more quickly.

Our investigative services include:

  • Compliance reporting in any state
  • Investigate claimant, provider and premium fraud cases
  • Clinic inspections
  • Fraud documented referrals to law enforcement
  • Restitution recovery

Fraud Prevention Contacts

Please contact Titan Claims Management toll free at (855) 303-7993.

Please call our tip HOTLINE toll free at (800) 944-2748.


Titan Claims Management provides claims oversight, managed care and fraud prevention services for the following carriers:

For policies with prefix 1AT

For policies with prefix F

For policies with prefix R

For policies with prefix T2